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Check the rubber part of the clutch hose to make sure it is not expanding when you push the clutch pedal.
Ford trucks are known to wear the bushings in the clutch pedal linkage and pedal quadrent. When that happens you dont get full travel and it makes shifting difficult.

It should bleed just like a brake system.

If you are sure you have air in the system you can try using a pump style oilling can full of brake fluid to back bleed it. Fill the can and pump it a few times to get the air oit and fluid flowing. Put a rubber hose on the can and get as much air out as possible. Then put the other end on the bleeder, open the bleeder just a little and pump the oil can. Make sure you have a container under the master to catch the fluid.
Dont let the oil can run out of fluid and it may help to have someone hold the clutch pedal down while you back bleed it.
Sometimes air can get in weird spots so it helps to tap the whole system with a screwdriver handle while you bleed it, to release the air bubbles.

Usualy clutches self bleed but you have one of fords better ideas working against you.
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