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Originally Posted by XJcoupe View Post
this case is been overshadowed by that stupid Arizona death penalty case of Jodi Arias, - stab the bitch with the needle and get over it and save the tax payers millions.
This case started in late 2011 with a raid on his clinic due to illegal prescription drug activity.

It has been completely ignored and downplayed by the media because they're afraid that it'll bring a negative light to the abortion debate.

These are the same people that brainwashed one of the women in the video to believe that abortion was okay and perfectly normal no matter how far along she was. She got EIGHT abortions through that clinic when she was younger. Now that she has grown up and realized what horrors she allowed she can't even think about what she did without breaking down.

During one of countless botched late term (30 weeks) abortions the baby was born alive and breathing. It sat on a table for 20 minutes while the "doctor" sucked out the placenta. One of the "nurses" actually played with it during that time before she turned it over and severed the spinal cord at the base of the skull with scissors.

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