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Originally Posted by montecarlo33 View Post
as a previous cummins owner, I never bragged or got into all that high hp, break shit, or roll coal or tromp on it every light, in fact when I drove it I always wanted to save as much fuel as I could and make the tank last. New owner asked me things like "how fast does it go?" Its not a fucking race car, its a diesel truck ment to tow things and work and I always treated as such but this new "trend" is pretty gay, pretty soon there wont be much of any stackless diesels out there
I'm a lot like you I had mine modded quite a bit but every mod I made was done after researching what kind of mpg gain was typically associated with the mod if throttle modulation was used. I always tried to better my fuel economy. I have been guilty though of rolling some coal. There was an instance when my father and I were going to a movie, it was a warm summer day and there was an import full of teenagers zigzagging in and out of both lanes of traffic. They ended up beside me in the right lane at a stoplight and had some rap crap playing real loudly with their windows down. My father and I looked over at them and they just started laughing. I told my father, "watch this", as the light was about to turn green I held the brake a bit and made some boost as the light turned I let it rip and filled the whole inside of their car with black smoke. You could not even see them inside it anymore. My dad laughed harder than I have ever seen before, in fact he kept snickering during the movie. The only other time I laid some real smoke was on a bicycle rider who refused to ride in the freaking bike lane and held me at 20 mph for about a mile as I couldn't get around him as there was so much oncoming traffic. When traffic cleared enough I put it in program 3 and smoked him out so bad he had to stop his bike and watched him try and cough up a lung.
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