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I bought my 03 Crew Cab Short bed super duty F350 Single rear wheel last July. Had 80 sumthin thousand miles on it. Came with a 7.3 in it and I love it. I don't tow a lot with it right now, but whenever I do, I'm really glad I bought it. I plan on keeping it and maintaining it for a long time and I know in the future I will be towing a lot more with it. It feels a lot safer towing with it than my old Z-71.

In a year, the only thing I have had to replace has been a ball joint and a brake line. I ended up preventatively replacing all 4 balljoints, steering u joints and new seals on the frontend when I did that bad ball joint.

This thing has been great. Only shitty thing is the typical rust that I've got goin on over the real wheelwells.

My point I want to make though is this....The week I bought it, I brought it home and had a buddy with a cummins stop by when I was detailing it. Very first thing he says to me. "Oh, you got the 7.3? It's gotta be an 02. Everybody knows they didnt make the 7.3 in 2003."

After I reassured him that it was an 03, and not to believe everything they put in the magazines, he did some quick homework on his notsosmartphone.....his next argument he worked in on was that "OH YOU HAVE POWDERCOATED RODS! THEY WON'T LAST! YOU CAN'T THROW MORE THAN 400 HORSE AT THEM!"

AGain, I reassured him that I was keeping it stock for a long time. A very long time. He just blank stared at me and asked me why I would want to keep it stock. I just stopped talking to him for the rest of the day about it because he just reinforced what everyone on here is saying about Cummins owners. Oh, and his truck.......sitting up 6 inches on rockstars with toyo MTs. Won't touch mud with it. SMH. FUckin bro's.
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