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Originally Posted by kareless View Post
I know you guys want to blame only the loggers but unless you work for a logging company and know how it works you need to take a step back and ask.. The company my hubby works for will not take "state" jobs even though they pay a little more than private jobs.. The reason is, when doing a state job all bets are off.. The company can do whatever they please as long as they abide by one rule... The state will tell the logging co which trails they want closed and to make sure that those trails dont just have a tree here and there but to make it so you wouldn't know the trail was ever there... And a company not cutting a state job has rules about the roads they use.. They are required to maintain/fix/improve the road as they are using it or when done.. If the company doesn't they could face huge fines.. On a state job, ruin a road... OH well just close it down.. (there are lots like that around here..)
I think, based on what you said, it still comes down to the loggers involved. Just that its a state job affords them the luxury of not having to give a fukc about what they ruin in the process.

I get that there are responsible companies out there and yada yada yada.

But at the end of the day the logging on that island does far more damage than a few offroaders ever could dream of.
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