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Originally Posted by bbaXJ View Post
Why does there have to be a jean-e-us like you in every truck related thread? Oh you know a guy who has a vehicle that's got a lot of problems? That whole brand must be junk. Idiot. Great, I know people with Ford and GM trucks who've had more problems out of 1 vehicle than both my Dodges combined with my Jeeps. Does that mean Fords and GMs are junk? Nope. Vehicles have problems, and unfortunately some vehicles (of any brand) have lots of them. Your cousin's friend's neighbor's dog's veterinarian's ex-wife's boyfriend's transfer case leaked? Then I guess Mopar sucks!!! Better hurry up and scrap that Jeep in your avatar, it's a Mopar piece of shit.

I'm not even sticking up for Mopar specifically(hell, my new truck is a Chevy), I'm putting down moronic, generalizing, ignorant people.
Im just giving one example of every mopar owning retard I know. I work on cars for a living every day, i realize they all have problems.
Mopar countinues to build junk that wears out way faster then it should, across the board.
I love my tj but almost every electrical part on it has been replaced, typical mopar shit I fix every fucking day. Start swinging wrenches for a living and after 30 years you will also be a egenious. Douchbag.
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