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Originally Posted by homerdogeo8 View Post
I'm glad you think that everyone in this country is as perfect a driver as you are. Heck if I were you I'd never have to worry about me or the other driver making a mistake while driving or being in a car without seatbelts or airbags.

What's your parents or wife or children's life worth to you, the price of a stoplight, or maybe less?My parents are both 84 years old and both still drive and both understand the stoplights have worked since they started driving. Neither one has ever had an accident due to the way stoplights have always worked.

Highway funds come out of a different pot of money than military funds. Until we start dedicating gas taxes to be used solely on the military your argument doesn't fly.Yes it does, I don't care what pocket or fund you pick from, as a nation we are spending money on stupid shit and not being frugal to get us out of debt.
Funny, you care to respond to a general statement but you have not been able to tell me how many lives this will save us and at what cost.
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