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Default Loans

I joined the army. My student loan was paid for by the government when I met the promises I gave before saluting the flag. Due to slow paperwork, the government paid it back a little late. 4 quarters at Ferris State cost me $18.00.

For two years I put in my time fixing army generators and shining my shoes. Of which I put 100 dollars out of about 500 I got paid each month away for school. When I got out those 100 dollar payments turned into 600.00 checks which I used to support my family while I worked full time and attended ITT for 4 hours everynight. I still had to take out loans which I eventually paid back, along with my wife's student loans.

I spent years building up my credit, trying to do what was right and be a good citizen and person.

Now my son is going to school and I am sure it was the same with your friend taking out a loan. The only way they would do the loan is if I was the co-signer. Basically I am responsible for the loan and if the payments are late or not made my credit is screwed.

If I read a post from my son or about my son not paying back his loan. I can guarantee you one thing I would be furious. Its not easy doing the right thing, but I guarantee you I would be severly hurt and disapointed if I even suspected that he wasnt trying to pay back the loan.

Sounds like your friend didnt learn much in school. What a dumbass.
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