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Originally Posted by tsaguy View Post
This thread reeks of paranoia and arrogance for those who don't believe in the anti-Monsanto way of life.
I am not paranoid but my questions are simple, if a company is doing nothing wrong then why does a company need so many lobbyists? Why does the government allow food companies to have managers in the FDA? Why do so many states have anti gag laws. I am all about free enterprise and letting people buy whatever they want but companies shouldn't be able to stop people from reporting on their practices. People have a right to know what is in their food and how it is produced.

It doesn't bother anyone that like four main companies own pretty much all of the food produced in the country?

I also don't think GMO food is going to make me have three headed babies because it's genetically modified but it does worry me that it is grown in so many chemicals. Plants absorb whatever is in the soil and the rain washes into the ground so you can't wash off the pesticides and fertilizers. I would rather not put that crap in my body.
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