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Originally Posted by ajmorell View Post
Are you suggesting that most people pay less? Right now I'm paying about 1.5x that.

It's unfortunate that shit like this is associated with my generation, too many worthless fuck-wads who want something for nothing.
I was suggesting most pay less than $1000.

Originally Posted by nateacox View Post
What is the tax rate on a single guy making 60k/yr? OP also said they, so I am curious if the fella is married with kids.
let's say 25% like I did in my post? I am not sure, the point still remains $60k out of college with loans isn't the end of the world.

I made $28k out of college. Owned a new car, rented a modest apartment, had a baby, and still had money in my pocket at the end of the week.....
Originally Posted by ajmorell View Post
I'm an idiot. I do pay that much, but it's not the minimum and it's for both mine and my wife's student loans and I pay double on one of them. Realistically our minimum would be like $900 combined just for shits and giggles your minimum is $450 a month, not the $1,000 I suggested be paid.
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