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Originally Posted by RyeBread View Post
why the hell did you not do ROTC/Officer Candidate in the Air Force?

a very good friend of mine tried going the private route like you through embry riddle in Daytona - goal was dual training as well - but pilot and avionics officer.

He backed out after a year and found it cheaper to get two Bachelor's from UofM in engineering. And even though he loves to fly, after talking to several commercial airline pilots had the realization that he really wanted to be a family man, home every night raising his kids and sleeping with his wife.

not sitting in an airport or hotel lounge/bar eating with the co-pilot and tempted to mess around with the flight crews (after a 15 year grind flying red-eye freight for <$30k/year)
My vision is not good enough for a flight slot in the service, cannot be worse than 20-60 uncorrected.

Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
Not sure if post is meant to make feel sorry, or to point out you'll figure it out?

FYI, spending $140k to make $18/hr isn't very good business sense.
It was merely to show how some career paths that make big money later on have shit pay to start out with. And the reason for mine is because Congress made it mandatory to have 1500 hours of flight time before a regional can hire me, which means I won't be able to start out making a low wage and work my way up right after graduation.

Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
well there's that, and there is also the fact that I think he is looking at the pessimistic side of his industry. A friend of mine has a younger brother who graduated from Wester with an aviation degree and he lives a pretty comfortable life in chicago working as an airline pilot having started off with some shitty companies and gained experience and worked his way up to a pretty decent job.

He's 30ish, not sure what kind of money he is pulling down, but I don't think he is having any struggles.
My ultimate goal is to fly for fedex or UPS. Once in with them I can make upwards of $275k per year.
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