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Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post
Maybe it was a bad example. There are plenty of cases where people are prescribed these types of medications that do not have a mental illness.

Case and point, my brother-in-law has high blood pressure. He has had high blood pressure since he was younger, and he's always been in good shape. Because of his high blood pressure, whenever his cardiac system is stressed (something other than physical exercise) he can have a panic/anxiety attack or whatever you want to call it. So an adrenaline rush from almost getting run off the road, or something of that nature can send him into one of these attacks. No mental issues whatsoever, but the way to treat his condition is with anti-anxiety meds. He owns guns, and I would personally see no problem in him owning them even though he is on a "mental" type of drug.

Someone could be unable to cope with tragic events, and go take their car and run through a crowd of people. No one seems to care about that aspect though. For a website that has a lot of individuals screaming for more personal responsibility, a lot of people also seem to want to limit everyone else's responsibilities because they personally don't think others are capable.
I worry just as much about someone being behind the wheel drunk, on meds, unstable, etc. Assuming that people don't is poor judgement on your part.

Junior Seau is a great example.....he killed himself, drove his truck off a cliff, tried to suicide in a number of ways.

It's not the TOOL, its the OPERATOR.

If your brother has an anxiety attack because someone cuts him off on the freeway he probably shouldn't be driving (in my opinion). Think of the worry wort kind of women who freak out when the car ten people ahead of them puts on their turn signal...those people shouldn't drive either.....

I am all for personal responsibility, when you can handle it.
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