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Originally Posted by deerebowtie View Post
depending upon the area you pick to live/work, starting out on 60k with cost of living and 160+ in college debt would be no lube rough.

Where the fukc is an entry level job making $60k rough?

Let's just throw some numbers out there.

Rent $1000
Student loans $1000
Food $200
Car $450 (insurance and car)
Gas, electric, incidentals $500
$3150/month * 12 months = $37,800 left over.

Here I am, a home owner, feeding a family of 4, with 2 brand new cars, an electric bill, gas bill, etc. and my bills are no where near $3150 a month.

If a single kid out of college making 60k can't afford to pay his student loans he needs to take a long hard look in the mirror.

On the other hand deerbowtie should take a long hard look at not opening his retardedass mouth.
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