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Bottom line I feel is our fore fathers fought for our right to bear arms and these days the gov is just looking for a way to strip these and other rights from us for bullshit reasons. Now with that said I also agree that some people out there are not mentally stable, but then again they are also on more meds then just anti anxiety pills. My 80 year old grandpa takes anti anxiety pills and that does not make him less mentally stable or less worthy to own a gun in my eyes. Hes sharp as tack, just when he gets excited(even company coming over) he has a hard time breathing with his COPD, so docs gave him something to take, so there are cases out there where people need those pills. What about all the people who take prescription pain killers or sleeping pills every night? Your telling me that wont alter someone's judgement? Where does the line stop? So far its pretty clear the government doesn't want people who smoke marijuana(medical card) or take anti anxiety meds to have anything to do with owning a gun or protecting themselves and I doubt they will stop there, other prescription pills will be next..

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