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Originally Posted by DuffMan View Post
Cliff's Notes:

"A friend borrowed $200K to go to college and now wants to know how to skip out since it'll take a lot of money to repay those loans".

There was a time in our history where nobody with any common sense would actually speak that out loud. But now, in our world of everybody gets a trophy for showing up, businesses that fail due to taking ill-advised risks get no-strings bailouts, and idiots who bought more house than they can afford get their mortgages "adjusted", it's perfectly reasonable.

We're doomed.

...and Bingo was his name-o.

I don't feel as though I've gotten my money's worth out of my degree. How do I get my debts washed away? Fuck this working for shit and paying off what I've rightfully incurred. I'm ready to hop up on the wagon like dogface's friend while all of you suckers pull us along.

While we are on this topic how do you ditch your house and not pay for it? I'm tired of paying for that too.

Car loans, can I just give them back and have the debt forgiven? I'm tired of those as well.
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