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Originally Posted by ajmorell View Post
There's going to be innocent casualties regardless of the method of warfare, the question is which one results in more? And who do you consider innocent? Would you rather see 10,000 American Troops die in combat or 5,000 North Koreans (both military & innocent) die? I guess I am a little biased...
I would rather not see any deaths to any humans, including the dictator. We're not at war with them yet and Dropping a Nuke would only kill thousands, if not millions, of innocent people that are held captive by thier government. Not to mention the chain reaction it would cause on the world's stage.

If they nuke us, sure, nuke them. But I was merely stating that I do mind if we were to nuke them just because they are talking crap to us.

Originally Posted by Trail Junkie View Post
This right here is why the world thinks this country is getting weak....
I see it the other way around. To be truly strong requires to look out for those less fortunate then us. THAT is what makes our country great. It's easy to be selfish, it takes work to be selfless. Our country wasn't built by people looking our for them selves, it was built by people looking our for thier neighbor. Does that mean we should give all our money away to other countries? No. It means we should try our best to be the morally superior country BEFORE we are known as the militarily superior country.

Originally Posted by SS View Post
They're just jealous of our quality of life.

Was that one of those jokes? Because they really don't have anything to be jealous of.
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