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if youre new - new to welding forget making anything at first and just concentrate on getting good consistent - penetrating welds.

start with the simplest conditions and work your way up.

get some hunks of clean material (mild .120 or so) and go at it till you can pull off decent laps, butts, fillets, etc. while your at a bench. then start playing with thickness, go thin wall and youll be shocked how different it is. then positions, anyone whos wheeled much has enjoyed being showered in molten bbs while fixing something welding upside down. got all that covered ? move into stainless and aluminum, high carb stuff, castings - all very different acting materials even though the principle is the same. theres more but thats a start -

then again ,theres always books on the topic -
but youll catch on qiucker if you just start doing it and then go back and figure out why something works the way it does.

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