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Originally Posted by Gunsworth View Post
My brother had the same.thing happen last year doing motocross. Only.his did not.pop out, but they had to cut out a significant amount of damaged muscle tissue. If he wants to continue doing motocross, they said he should.have the plates and screws removed once its healed. It will all.depend on how his muscles are, the bone is no big deal in the grand scheme of things. Given the time off it, he will fall behind the other players in conditioning...
Your brother is not likely as well conditioned as this particular athlete is.

Your brother doesn't have a full time training staff tending to his every need on a daily basis including strength and conditioning coaches, physical therapists, etc.

Your brother not only started behind this lad, but likely will not receive the same care during his recovery as kevin ware will.

There is no doubt his skills will diminish and he will need to get back up to speed as he recovers, but I don't think people realize what kind of athlete or what kind of talent you need to have to play an NCAA sport at this level.....

I don't know the exact numbers, but for arguments sake let's just figure you have 100 male students in a high school graduating class. Less than 1% of them will go and play a college sport, less than that will play at a D-1 school like Louisville (who typically is a top 25 Basketball team, meaning all 10-12 guys on their team are probably all top 150 athletes of ALL graduating high school seniors in their specific sport nationwide).....

The atheleticism, training, medical care, physical therapy, etc. he will receive makes it near impossible to compare to an injury you or I would have and our ability to recover.
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