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Originally Posted by Motorcitydak View Post
My car should end out at about 2500 pounds with a pimp close ratio T-56 6 speed and 4.56 gears. It'll pull sub-3's in the 0-60. Ill get some more details shot around to you guys

I wish you the best with your weight goal, that will be difficult.

A 1968 Charger, base small block V8, was over 3300lbs listed curb weight, so you are looking at 800-1000lbs curb weight reduction with your project. Thats tough to do. You can lose some weight with an aluminum engine, but you are adding in the front diff, front driveshaft, and the T56/t-case combo weighs more than a TF727. Evben with zero interior, expect a single race seat, I can't see that car coming in that light.

I am trying to be realistic with mine.

I am starting with a 1969 CJ6, which has a curb weight of around 2400lbs. The LS2 is lighter than the original 4 cyl. I am still showing a gain of about 400lbs over the stock vehicle. (my main gains are in the transmission, axles, tires, frame, exhaust, full cage, and a 250lb 'misc' for things I have forgot). I will have no doors, no windows, no trunk, no carpet, no heater, no heavy roof like a car, and a fiberglass hood. Those numbers crunch to 2835lbs (which includes the 250lbs of misc items). I have a scale in the garage, so the main weights I have for engine, trans, etc, are pretty close. I will be weighing things again as I go.
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