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Wasn't this attached?
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Originally Posted by Jiveturkey3 View Post
You seem upset. Need a hug buddy?
No not at all. I'm in a pretty good mood really. It's like we're at the bar and we're argueing over something dumb to pass the time. It's really not personal at all. I'm pretty sure booblicker knows that.

Originally Posted by booblinker View Post
I am just sick of the "who cares this person died, what about the soldiers" Soldiers deaths are very sad, and deserve to be about 10 notches of give a fukc above joe schmoes death, I am just sick of people thinking because a soldier died today, no one else's death matters.
And I'm sick of seeing these threads pop up for every shmuck that happened to have 15 minutes of fame even though they were really nobody of importance.

It's like this, if my neighbors cousin died, would you care? Would it be worthy of starting a thread on a website about the "tragedy" that occurred? I highly doubt it. I'm not saying I'm glad anyone dies, but it does happen and will happen to all of us. We are all important to someone, but I certainly don't expect anyone that has never met me to give a flying fukc about my death. So why should I give one for this dude? He was a drunken shmuck who was on a dumb TV show. So what? To me, he is a nobody just like my neighbors cousin. Too bad he died, but it happens. Oh well. A soldier on the other hand is a real tragedy. They are out fighting for us dumbasses so we can argue on the internet without fears of anything happening to us. Yet instead of us feeling any sorrow for them, we instead decide to give priority to some TV nitwit. It's shameful.
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Originally Posted by Alter Ego View Post
Oz's Jeep is downright anti-bling.
Originally Posted by Mr.Green again View Post
Will someone please argue with me?
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