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Originally Posted by KCameron13 View Post
See....not regretting it are you?
One of the best nights out in ever! Guy who got the sweet told us to take whatever.....even the booze. So 3 of my friends grab a fifth each and stuff them in their coats. I had a plate of shrimp and sauce on the side so I opted out on the booze. 50yo friend gets caught at the door while trying to leave so my other 2 friends book it! I eventually catch up.(still eating the shrimp)
We walked out the wrong door and end up in a parking garage that is locked up! So we had to hop over a 10' fence. While doing this my buddy flips off the top of the fence and lands on his ass! Old guy(50yo) is bitching about having to hop a fence Now the 32yo that was with us apparently has never hopped a fence before and was having much difficuties while in dress shoes and slacks Remainder of the fifths were not damaged.
Security guard from above somewhere is yelling at us telling us we are going to jail and the 32yo asks the rest of us shouldn't we run? We all just looked at him laughing!
Haven't laughed that hard in so long

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