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Originally Posted by mean_greenEXJAY View Post
Even though it is from almost 10 years ago, the parish Chevy would still be wicked on the street, a truck like that would definitely still surprise most other cars on the street. When a 4wd truck can run 10s on stock tires why would you even want a rwd car.]
Thats almost right on what I am targeting for what this will be capable of.

I have an LS2 motor for my project. So, I've been researching up what the LS2 cars are running with standard builds. I want to put in a new cam, because I want a lumpy low LSA cam for sound, as well as lowering the torque rpm, since I plan 4.10s/4.56s, and the AWD.

So, Looking at TBSS guys, builds with a cam, exhaust, intake, header, tuning, are getting into mid 12s.

Looking at GTOs, they are running mid 11s with the same setup.

What I find is many many vehicles 'crunch' out to around 500HP, and line up pretty well with what the drag calculators predict.

If I put the same numbers now into my expected running weight of 3250lbs, when a 500hp (crank hp) should run about 10.9 @ 123, which is pretty much exactly what that truck in the video is doing. (Actually, my weight spreadsheet shows 2800lbs, but I will assume an extra couple hundred pounds, plus my fat butt..). Considering that I have seen carbed LS2s hit 480hp on stock cam, 500hp (if not 525) on a good cam is certainly possible.
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