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Originally Posted by Motorcitydak View Post
No, he is not but he is wasting energy by lifting the front end. Some proper wheelie bars would keep the front end down (but then that can also lift the rear tires off the ground or at least lose some downward pressure on the tires and cause them to spin). It is nice to see the chassis straight and not twisting like you see a lot, that means that his rear link setup is done properly, not traction bars or parallel 4 bar but still, I think he could do even better.

Also do not forget that he is on a meticulously prepped and maintained surface with specialized tires. Those are the only reasons he has enough traction to lift the front end like that. Most any normal vehicle on normal surfaces and normal tires has a snowball's chance in hell of doing that. Yes, I know there are pro-street cars that can still pull a wheelie but again, you are wasting engine power doing that. If the CoG was lower (and/or further forward), it would be more difficult.

Those rear engine badass sand rails can pull a wheelie too with paddle tires, but if the engine was in the middle where it should be, they would be winning more drag races and not just showing off with front tires 6 feet in the air. It looks really cool, no denying that but if just speed and acceleration is what you are after, they are doing it wrong
My Jeep is far from ideal for asphalt (or really any serious drag racing), but I can easily put it on the back bumper, on the street, in 2WD, with just a set of custom leaf springs and ET Streets. Off the footbrake, no transbrake.
I can also put it on the bumper in the sand in 2WD. That TJ frame is going to be a little better off than my CJ since it is longer though. So you'd actually have a little better start to going forward than up.
You're also going to be wasting energy/power dumping it thru a transfer case/front axle.
It's going to come down to a matter of what you really want to do.
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