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Originally Posted by BooGTS View Post
SimpleManLance did my floor a year ago, and its as good as the day it was done (which is prettymuch perfect considering the awful floor he started with). After seeing my buddy spend $300 on his Rustoleum floor he did himself, there is no comparison the epoxy is better that Lance did. Not sure if he's still doing it though.
He did mine too. The floor was in great shape to start with and still is. I try not to do things to mess it up if I can help it, but it's still seen some abuse and has held up great all things considered. The material is from Stonhard.
I bought some Rustoleum floor epoxy to coat my work bench with and there's a night and day difference between that and the Stonhard 2-part. The stuff I have on my floor is tough as hell, the Rustoleum I put on my bench is barely better than normal paint. It's like the difference between water and gear oil when applying get what you pay for.

Originally Posted by Haggar View Post
DO any of those coatings stand up to welding sparks/slag?
No. I don't know of any epoxy or similar coatings that'll handle that. You just need to be conscious of it and try and protect the floor as best you can. I bought a welding blanket to use underneath my work pieces....Friday night I was using my plasma cutter and the slag and molten metal burnt right through the blanket instantly and melted the epoxy in a few spots. From my experience so far tonneau cover vinyl holds up significantly better for protecting the floor than Harbor Freight welding blankets. Go figure.

Originally Posted by Pokerob View Post
but your 2 hours away. I am a diy'er and if it can be skim coated or something like that i will probably do that and then coat it. but i was hopeing to just coat it and be done with it.
I used silicone based caulk/sealant to fill any cracks and stress relief cuts that were in the cement prior to epoxy. I imagine you could do similar for the pits in your floor.
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