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Originally Posted by kerryann View Post
Then they should let the people have their say.

I am uncomfortable in my skin because I need hmmmm a boob job and maybe a tummy tuck. Should that be covered too ? Anything that is not medically necessary is considered elective surgery. The government should be staying out of private company business and let the demands of the consumers drive the offerings.
The whole reason that the government is getting involved (in my opinion) is because people are too blind to see why the costs of health care are going up(besides greed which is probably a 10% factor). First we have an aging population. Second we have a lot of people uninsured which though medical costs rising gets passed to the insured. Most importantly we have a society that wants to be obese and live on foods that aren't good for the body which is driving up the rates of diabetes and heart disease (and I suspect the chemicals in processed food contribute to the cancer rates) but instead of dealing with those root causes we want a miracle pill instead. I was reading a local grocery store ad today and saw them selling acai berry juice. I said to Mike that if people just ate better in general they wouldn't have to go hunting for these miracle antioxidants.
You point is valid. More needs to be done and it is up to the people to do that and less government intrusion.
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