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Originally Posted by barry1me View Post
people get offended when you speak the truth and they cant hangle it. Your not on a high horse. Your speaking it as many would interprete it from the Bible.

If I have a son/daughter/family member that was homosexual I wouldnt shun them, scold them, or tell them they are going to hell. I would pray for them and hope for the best. I would show them love. If they asked what I thought about gay marriage I would say I dont agree with it.

My roomate in college was homosexual and he was a great guy. He is still one of my closest friends. I wish the best for him, I have never told him what he is doing is bad/wrong. Its not my place to do so.

The beauty of the bible is no man should judge another. Sin is sin, no sin is greater then the other. If you cheat on your spouse, steal, lie, murder, or have homosexual relations its all on the same level in Gods eyes.
Thanks barry.
It is true people do and will get offended by others speaking what come from the bible. Christ said it would happen and that is exactly what is happening.
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