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Originally Posted by kerryann View Post
I would actually say even though I quoted you that you are one of the Christians I would not consider on a high horse. Your buddy Aber I would consider on a high horse.
I think the good thing about the country is that everyone has a right to their opinion and even if I don't agree I respect it.
I think either we get rid of current marriage law as a secular contract (which it is) or we just made one form of secular bonding contract that everyone follows. Introducing extra legislation and process will cost money. In my opinion if everyone is equal there should only be one set of laws.
I'm all for the extra legislation if it brings both sides the best option. I realize that it would be alot of work even changing the law to say "insert alternative here" but I think that would be best for both.

I would be curious to see how many homosexual couples would be fine with that. IMO, if they are insistent about it being called a marriage then there is more to it then just wanting benefits that hetero spouses have. It's a political statement and falls under Bruce's thinking.
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