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Originally Posted by kerryann View Post
Bruce if men and women historically got married for procreation should we then say if a man or woman is infertile they should no longer be able to be married, or that married people with kids should never be allowed to divorce? I will agree historically marriage was formed to help create and raise children but our society is so far gone from that with people who either don't have kids, have kids with random people, had kids and divorced, remarried having kids with a previous spouse and then have kids with the new spouse, that to argue that is still the core purpose of marriage is not our society value overall.
No, just trying to point out why there is such a strong opposition to gay marriage. Its something that is ingrained in our origin as a species.

As stated before, I can think of 2 reasons for treating 2 people as "married" differently that any other 2 people. Raising children, and planning a life together.
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