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Originally Posted by kerryann View Post
I answered your question with the question of how can you claim a term as Christian when you didn't create it? The whole terminology debate is a smoke screen in my opinion and if we don't use the same terms for all types of marriage then we are still segregating people and I am sure implementation of a different process, forms, and terms on a national level will add government workers, costs, and additional legislation that I personally don't want to pay extra to segregate people.
In sorry the government should legislate criminality not morality.
If the catholic church had their way and my husband and I do the dirty this morning they could want to legislate that as illegal since I'm out of the fertility cycle and sex should only be for procreation.
So people need to keep their high horse riding, morally superior feeling personal beliefs from prying into others lives. Back in my high school government class the teacher said that where one persons rights end is when they start impacting smothers rights. This is what's wrong with the whole country in my opinion. Everyone is so damn focused on making their wants a right that it's the people who are paying the majority of taxes that are left holding the bag for all of this horse shit!
Also I hope everyone focused on this instead of the important spending bill that passed this week gets fat and happy on their gmo obesity linked government subsidized foods from the big food companies. The media did such a great job of smoke screening a bigger, more important, topic with this nonsense. Everyone needs to wake up and deal with issues that really do impact them instead of worrying about what Adam and Steve are doing.
But even if we completely take religion out of it we see that male/female pair bonding is something that evolved with the human species because it helped with the raising of children. So really it is something programmed into our DNA.

I agree that one of the problems with our society is people making their wants into rights, and that is exactly what I see happening with gay marriage. Homosexuals have decided that traditional marriage is not what they want, so they have decided that they should have the right to redefine marriage into what they want. I have no problem with them getting many of the same rights as heterosexual couples, but I do not think they have the right to redefine marriage and force the rest of society to accept their new definition.
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