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Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
I think you guys are missing a somewhat important point. There is a pretty large group of people that have an issue with it being called Marriage. Weather they are believers or not, they still are citizens of the united states. Their opinion is no less important then the Homosexual side's opinion. Most of us are willing to re-name our governmental definition to something different.

What effect will it have on any of us if we call it something different? Why does it have to be called a marriage? Nobody has answered that question. Just sarcastically blew it off as us being bigots. Personally, I think it's a great compromise. It would appear to be right in the middle of the issue for both sides. I think if we can make both sides happy, it's a win-win instead of having someone loose.

The Jews still couldn't marry the same sex. They could have multiple wives but they could also do alot of things, per the law of Moses, that we would think to be wrong with our 21st century thinking. When looking back at history you can't judge the actions of people 4000 years ago with the same morals and rules we have now. You have to understand the context of the people to understand why they believed what they did.

Adam and Eve were pre-sin. However, In genesis 2, just after God formed eve from Adam, Adam says "this is now flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh." - Sounds like he's defining his commitment to Eve right there. In front of God. Making a Commitment before God to your spouse - A Marriage
I answered your question with the question of how can you claim a term as Christian when you didn't create it? The whole terminology debate is a smoke screen in my opinion and if we don't use the same terms for all types of marriage then we are still segregating people and I am sure implementation of a different process, forms, and terms on a national level will add government workers, costs, and additional legislation that I personally don't want to pay extra to segregate people.
In sorry the government should legislate criminality not morality.
If the catholic church had their way and my husband and I do the dirty this morning they could want to legislate that as illegal since I'm out of the fertility cycle and sex should only be for procreation.
So people need to keep their high horse riding, morally superior feeling personal beliefs from prying into others lives. Back in my high school government class the teacher said that where one persons rights end is when they start impacting smothers rights. This is what's wrong with the whole country in my opinion. Everyone is so damn focused on making their wants a right that it's the people who are paying the majority of taxes that are left holding the bag for all of this horse shit!
Also I hope everyone focused on this instead of the important spending bill that passed this week gets fat and happy on their gmo obesity linked government subsidized foods from the big food companies. The media did such a great job of smoke screening a bigger, more important, topic with this nonsense. Everyone needs to wake up and deal with issues that really do impact them instead of worrying about what Adam and Steve are doing.
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