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Originally Posted by IDIeselman View Post is the best out there. 2" will be perfect for 33's while maintaining enough clearance between the spring and UCA so they do not hit on extension.
This... The top and bottom are slightly misaligned to allow for this to happen. I would think the poly ones do not work that way.

I have a 2-1/2" autospring spacer in the front, and a 1-1/2 to 2" add a leaf in the rear. I can clear 35" tires on 18x10 rims with a -12 offset.

Had slight rubbing at the rear off the fender opening. I massaged it with a BFH, and all was good. Just sold my 18" moto metals.

Put my 35's on my stock FX-4 rims. I also just bought some 17 x 9 Ballistic 811's, but have not decided what tire to put on them yet.
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