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Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post
Want a fucking cookie? I could care less what you have to say, how you said it, or why you said it.
Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
Then why are you reading and commenting on it?
This. GM, you have a skewed opinion on how most Christians act. I'm trying to show you that some of us are completely capable of being honest and telling it how it is.

Originally Posted by Route55 View Post
Serious question, do you have sex with anyone?

You may have mentioned a wife or something in another post, but I'm not scrolling back through all that to find out.

Or are you a Priest/Monk/Shaker?
I'm not a priest. I have a wife and two kids. I didn't get married till I was 23 and never slept with anybody else. It sucked, I wanted to but I knew it was not right in God's sight.

I can see where you are going with this though. I would say that, referring back to my previous post for Sova, is that God doesn't give us more then we can handle and in our suffering we are drawn closer to him. A Christian 'born gay' may have a even stronger faith then I because they do not have that relationship with someone they want to but do so in reverence to God's word and his commandments.

Personally I have no problem with people loving other people. My problem lies with the Sex. Talk to any therapist, secular or Christian, and they will tell you a sex is a key component in any Marriage. I think that act, between same sex couples, is perverse. Does that make them horrible people? No. It makes them a product of our culture.

Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
He means well, it's just his religion makes the words that come out of his mouth seem kind of douchey. "Like gee, it's too bad that god made you a homosexual and that he hates that, but I guess if you don't want to go to hell, you better not act on any completely natural sexual urges you feel."
So you don't hold back any natural urges you have on a daily basis? I know I do. If I didn't I'd be in jail for murder.
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