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Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
I am happy to report that none of my facebook friends changed their pictures.
Is that because most of your FB friends are old and can't figure out how to? .

Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
Do most of you think God will be mad at you if don't actively try to subvert gays and their lifestyle?
I'm not trying to keep them from doing it, I'm trying to get them to see that, according to the Bible, they are in sin and they Need Jesus.

Originally Posted by jimhri View Post
....and that bible may be the word of God BUT it is the word of God as remembered by and written down by humans in some cases hundreds of years after the events it records. and that bible does not contain all the writings that could / may be considered as true scripture.

when i see a copy of the bible autographed by God, then i will start taking it literally.
Do you fully believe that Socrates wrote his books? Those manuscripts sum up to about 8. The bible has over 10 thousand. Most of those copies, for the NT, being far closer to the event then Socraties manuscripts to his events.

The issue doesn't lie in the manuscripts, its lies in how it makes people feel about thier actions. That's why most people try and say the bible was some written down game of "telephone" instead of knowing that a majority of the accepted bible's texts (because this was one of the factors at the councel that chose those books) have manuscripts that are with in a hundred years of the event.

I should also point out that if we lived in the same culture as them (not many wrote/read) our games of telephone wouldn't be as fun because we'd remember stuff much better then we do now.

Originally Posted by Route55 View Post
Here is another thought for discussion. Jesus was Jewish. All major branches of modern Judaism with exception to Orthodox support gay marriage. And Orthodox Jews do not claim Jesus as one of them, so we can assume Jesus was some other sort of Jew. So Jesus' own religion supports gay marriage. Thoughts?
"I did not come to take away the law but to fulfill it." His #2 reason to be on this earth was to fulill the sacrificial requirements of the OT law so that we wouldn't have to follow those laws requiring atonement. I can tell you, because it says in thier torah (our OT) that they do not accept Homosexuality along with all the other sins. Or they shouldn't. The bread and butter of the anti-gay (which I am not, I'm pro Jesus) christian movement is the OT texts.

Originally Posted by wave_crusher View Post
Can anyone give an actual reason to not allow gay marriage, without citing religion?

Didn't think so, because there isn't one. Just like segregation, people are just to single minded and stand to tall on their soap box
Can you give me a reason why we have to call it marriage? Why not have the government call it a Union, partnership, obamaship, etc?

Originally Posted by Andy72 View Post
O really? Me thinks you need to consult someone who actually knows history, and not fiction.

And the king James bible is not the words those dudes wrote. Not even close.

Maybe 150 years, but definitely not 25.

And i have suffered through 12 years of catholic school. Father John was actually the guy that made a lot of us aware of other religions and encouraged us to learn about them. At least he got it, and trusted in the faith instead of blatantly lying about it to get more people interested.

Seriously aber, Woohoo, and others - check a freakin calendar. It is 2013.
Please see my post to jimhri about manuscripts and years. If you're willing to accept some of the other authors of ancient times with a mere 8 or 9 manuscripts then why not the bible with 10+ thousand?

The KJV bible was written by King James, of course it's not the original words. I don't think any body ever said it was. However, I can tell you that there are dozens of translations that come straight from the original text and language. It just so happens that those translations seem to line up with the KJV and other translations.

I'm sorry you think you had to suffer. Probably because your parents forced you to. I've been raised Christian, going on 27 years, the part I hated most was wearing a tie. Learning how the bible, as a whole, tells the story of God getting his Children back excites me.

(rolls dead horse over "you missed a spot")
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