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Originally Posted by Andy72 View Post
O really? Me thinks you need to consult someone who actually knows history, and not fiction.

And the king James bible is not the words those dudes wrote. Not even close.

Maybe 150 years, but definitely not 25.

And i have suffered through 12 years of catholic school. Father John was actually the guy that made a lot of us aware of other religions and encouraged us to learn about them. At least he got it, and trusted in the faith instead of blatantly lying about it to get more people interested.

Seriously aber, Woohoo, and others - check a freakin calendar. It is 2013.
Then i suppose this is a challege to you, to find out and see if I am right then.
Do you know that Paul wrote two thirds of the NT. His name was Saul and he was the guy who had the Dumascus road experience.
No other person in history change time but Jesus. Today we follow time by Him. AD and BC.
Heb. 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever.
If it was your Priest that told you that, he will at some point in time realize the mistake he made.
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