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On my stock shafts the ears were deforming because the cap was rotating. Once I prevented the cap from rotating I never had the same issue. When I ran full circle clips the caps would get loose, but the full circle clips kept the cap in the ears. But I would have to replace the stock shafts all the time because they became to loose.

Once I started putting two small tack welds on the top of the caps to the ears I never deformed the ears again. I have been runing the same joints on my inner shafts for almost 4 yrs. Occasionally a tack breaks and I grind it down and retack. I only mention the inners because I changed my stubs two yrs ago to 35 spline.

I believe he has chromos in his 30, as long as the full circle clip stays seated I see no benefit in him tacking his caps. IMO tacking the caps doesent add any strength to any components. It simply keeps the cap from spinning.

Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
Your explanation makes sense. It has nothing to do with the cap rotating in the bore. It has everthing to do with the ear deforming and the cap then coming lose.

So, with your explanation, 2fst4u tacking his caps will still have issues.
I believe the ear deforms because the cap rotates. I don't see the tack itself as keeping the ears from deforming. But the tack keeping the cap from rotating deforming the ears.

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