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Originally Posted by 2fst4you View Post
I have a d44 rear and d30 front with chromos they have held up well for me. I feel as if my setup will hold up to bigger as long as the tires aren't too heavy. I would love like to find a set of 36 iroks on beadlocks.

At Wellsville over the weekend I broke a front ujoint but I'm pretty sure the cap came out even with full circle clips but I will have to look it over again. If that's the case tacking the caps could have prevented that
This is at the heart of where you are wrong. The weight of tires is not nearly as devestating as the leverage and traction. Most hard breaks I have witnessed have been at idle or slightly above where traction is trying to be gained. Once a tire grabs, that's where things snap. The weight (mass) of the tire will only come into play at higher wheelspeeds which you can't acheive anyway with your 4.0 and 3.73's. I'll say it again, tacking caps is over stated. If your cap sits tight in the ear and the snap ring is in good standing, they will hold. I have never broken a joint where my cap coming loose was the problem.

Having "only" 3.73's makes Johnny's point more important. You are putting higher stresses on a higher gear, not less stress.

Can you run 36-37" tires? Sure. It's not a problem, but you WILL break more.
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