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Originally Posted by cj65 View Post
Why do people defend homos? The spread aids faster than any other group of people. Do any of you want to walk down the street and see two dudes kissing and holding hands? I don't and I don't want my son to have to see it either.
In this day and age no one needs to spread aids. Only the careless do. My cousin was a hemophiliac born in 1980. He became HIV positive at the age of 2. Did that make him a homosexual? No but he killed himself over the stigma of HIV. Should I hate gays? drug users? monkey effers?? There was plenty of guilt to spread around in general and it's even worse in 3rd world countries, but plenty of business fly to thailand to have sex with hookers still so...
Anyway, I think everyone has the right to their opinion but there is no need to name call and be disrespectful because you personally don't like it. I have lots of opinions but don't have to go spouting them off and acting like I have all the answers.
By the way I know a gay male couple who are so butch you could go hunting with them and never know.
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