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Originally Posted by cj65 View Post
Explain why I'm a dick? Because I don't like the idea of two same sex people being together in a sexual manner?
Not at all.. It's not what you say, it's how you say it. You sound like an idiot who has a vocabulary limited to three and four letter words; see below....vvvv

Originally Posted by SS View Post
That's not it at all. A lot of us feel the same way.

We don't go on extreme ranting tirades riddled with insults to voice our opposition.

That's what makes you the fucktard in all this.

Originally Posted by cj65 View Post
Hello pot I'm kettle nice to meet you.
^^^ I thought something along those lines myself...

Don't know you, Cj... Could be wrong. But with this particular thread, you came off like a dick.
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