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Originally Posted by Route55 View Post
Same thing. Born black, born gay, there is no choice.
Pedophiles can argue they were born that way too, doesn't make it right.

Choice or not, if we were "meant" to be gay we would not be here.

Equal rights for all you say? But at what point do you draw the line for morality to continue a morally sound culture??

Black rights, women's rights, I am all for them, we are all created equal right? But Gay rights, not so much. They cross a moral line in the sand. I could care less what they do behind closed doors, I am more liberal in that thinking to that level. But bring it up to a full civil rights / legality and equality issue and I disagree.

This heads down a path followed in many old cultures, the next thing will be the open acceptance of pedophilia. Don't believe me? Say "no way that is just too far of a morale leap"? Check your history for Africa, Asia, Early Americas, Western Europe, etc. It happened over and over and over.
First is open same sex relations, followed closely by having young boy toys between the ages of 10 and 14.

It was said earlier the younger generations will be asking us old folks about the days when gays were not allowed to marry. I say they will be asking us to tell them when people had morals and sleeping with little boys got you throw in jail where you got to experience all the buttsecks you could handle.
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