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Default Air compressor / impact wrench questions

Okay very noob question here, but I cannot find the info i am looking for with google. I have a 8gallon 1.7hp 3.8cfm@90psi compressor. I know its a rather small compressor, but was all I could afford at the time. A couple years back I bought a blue light special craftsman 19.99 impact gun. This thing sucks bad, wont even break loose a lug to save its life.

I realize I need a better gun, however Every gun I see requires around 5cfm@90psi, Is that to run the gun constantly? today I saw a nice IR at lowes for 180.00, 600ft/lbs of torque. It says it requires on average 4 cfm@90 psi to run. Will my compressor handle this? I dont care if I have to wait a few for it to refill the compressor. I just want to be able to zip through a tire rotation, suspension lift, ball joints ect... without having to muscle alot of the bolts.

MY other option would be to buy a cordless, Lowes has a kobalt 300ft/lb 18v lith ion for 249.00, but the gun is HUGE and bulky and half the torque :-/. So I am kinda lost on what to do.
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