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Originally Posted by cj65 View Post
Because I don't like the idea of two same sex people being together in a sexual manner?
Who the fukc cares what you think? Does that give you the right to go off the deep end and call them all fags and HATE? I dont think so. Honestly does it really matter? no because its their life not yours and as long as you know what side of the fence you are, and are happy with your choice then whos the victims here? Only people i see are victims are the poor people that make a choice to be in a same sex relationship and have to live though bullshit from people like you and call whatever hurtful names because you dont like it, or agree with it. Who cares who's sucking who off, does it really affect you? At the end of the day the shit doesnt matter as far as im concerned, when it affects me I will care.
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