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Honestly, I couldn't care less about the marriage/partner thing, I do have questions about the following statement though:

Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
You say "probably", you don't know for sure but you are only assuming.
I would like to say that this social experiment that is being pushed down everybody's throat will turn out not good for, The Family. You know the place we all grew up in. We had mothers and fathers and that is what children need both parents. If you think society is screwed up now just wait and see what happens in 10 to 20 years because of the idea that this type of scocial experiment will create a society of everybody being equal.
Just my thought, but time will tell who is right and who jumped on the wrong band wagon.
I do believe in the need of a mother and father figure in a child's life, but at this point in time homosexuals are adopting kids and starting families. Why do some people assume that because they are legally "married" things will become all screwed up? The percentage of homosexuals in this country is relatively small and I do not believe that if this law passes all of a sudden the numbers would jump up significantly. I do not believe treating people equally justifies being termed a "social experiment" I mean what would be different? PDA is and will remain gross, churches will still deny the attempted marriage of same sex couples and you can still despise them and tell them that GOD will judge them in the end.
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