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Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post
Yes, when compared to married filing separately. Two people make $60,000 each. They are taxed as such, as individual entities. Now they are married, and taxed at $120,000. The progressive tax rate comes into play and bends you over. Dual income and no kids sucks ass. My wife and I get raped when it comes to taxes, as opposed to if we were not married and filed individually. If either individual makes dick for money, then it is a tax savings. It also depends on the difference in incomes between the two individuals.

Once you and Linds are married, you will get a deduction on the tax year you get married. After that, stock up on the Astroglide.

If one person makes $170k, and one person makes $50k, it's actually quite a tax savings. But if the two incomes are close, I agree with you.

You said I was wrong and then linked me to an article saying I was right.

51% of married couples paid less tax jointly than if they had not been married, according to a 1996 Congressional Budget Office analysis. The average amount these couples saved: $1,300.

42% of married taxpayers paid more by filing jointly than they would have if they'd remained single, the office said. The average penalty: $1,380.
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