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I have refrained from making a real post in this thread just because I wanted to see what Route55 was really after by making the thread.

At first it was a simple question asking how many people around here supported gay marriage. No big deal there and there's absolutely nothing wrong with asking that question to see who shares your beliefs. We do it all the time on here when it comes to guns, trucks, parts, and a whole range of religious/political issues.

Unfortunately... that obviously wasn't the intent of Route55. The whole point of this thread was to see who didn't agree with his views and then start viciously attacking them for not lining up behind him. It's a classic liberal tactic and it's absolutely appalling. You lost all credibility and the possibility of swinging people towards your idea the second you started attacking everyone who holds a different opinion. You will never persuade people towards your way of thinking when you instantly approach them in an adversarial tone.

The fact of the matter is... the majority of America does not think like you and do not support gay marriage. The most liberal state in the union has banned it through the use of a vote of the people. When that plan backfired, the extreme minority of LBGTs in this country decided to use the courts to force this legislation that the majority of people don't want. Those are the facts.

Gays are not in any way normal. They are an abnormality in the natural order. In the most primal sense their preferences and activities will do nothing to benefit society or the human race in general. The exact same arguments that the Gays have started using (I'm wired this way... I'm born this way... There's nothing I can do to change it) are now being used by murderers, psychopaths, pedophiles, rapists, and others. Specifically pedophiles due to their sexual deviance.

Route55... You have absolutely NO RIGHT to try and label anyone else as intolerant, "racist", close minded or anything else you threw around in here. The second someone offered a different opinion you embodied all of those insults in yourself. Someone believing in the obvious biologically natural way of things (one man-one woman) is not gay bashing. It's not hateful. It's nothing but a different opinion from yours. That is no excuse for attacking people.

Honestly... you should be ashamed of yourself from your behavior regarding this topic. Trying to shame, guilt and insult people who don't agree with you has done nothing but shut down people who might have been interested in hearing a well thought out argument as to why this should be supported.

In one thread on a forum... You have done more damage to the Gay Marriage cause than any news article or public demonstration and you need to take a hard look at yourself and how you act before you attempt to sway people into supporting a hot topic issue in the future.

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