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Would I change my profile pic? No cause I like Angus Young better than an = symbol.

Would I support marriage equality? Yep!

It doesn't bother me one bit who wants to marry who, I think marriage is a racket to begin with. The whole sanctity of marriage argument is a whole pile of bullshit to begin with. Hows that 50% or greater divorce rate work for you? I'm sure there has never been a politician, entertainer, scientist, religious leader or other influential leader that has ever cheated in there marriage. Nope can't think of 1, I can think of thousands!

If its your religious belief not to be gay, thats fine but don't deny others just cause you don't think it's "appropriate", don't we live in America where there is supposed to be a separation between church and state? Everyone got all pissy when their 2nd amendment rights were threatened when AR's & AK's were to be "banned" but they turn a blind eye when other basic rights and freedoms are denied to others just cause they don't fit their personal beliefs. Also to those pious folk of that believe in the 8lb. baby Jesus, while not a religious scolar I'm pretty sure that Jesus spoke of the love, compassion and understanding of all people's. Not just a select few.
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