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Originally Posted by Route55 View Post
Wow, I was just goMan for a few hours and all of this. Since there is so much here, let me touch on a few topics:

1. I stand corrected in my use of the word racist. I'm not sure what the proper term is, gay-basher maybe? Either way, I do consider anti-gay statements and beliefs to be on the same level as racism. That is just how I feel.

2. I am not gay, as has been suggested several times. I have nothing to prove either way, but the fact is I am heterosexual. I do however sympathize with the gay rights movement.

3. Will a symbol do anything? Is posting a pic on Facebook, or here, any sort of power, well probably not. But it does show my support for the cause, no different than I am very proud of the American Flag when I see it or use it. It is a symbol, and symbols invoke hope.

4. Did I do this as an experiment? Well frankly yes. After posting it on Facebook, a forum with broad public view in which most people use their real names, 99% has been positive. So I wondered how it would go here, where people hide behind usernames and faceless avatars. I do know many of you personally, and I really wasn't surprised by the answers I've seen from those of you I know. Those of you I don't know are the ones that tend to be more extreme. Very interesting!
My Name Is Randy Koll. Marriage Is For A man And Woman. Do What You Want Behind Closed Doors, I Can't Control That. Do Not Make A Joke Out Of An Institution That Holds The Fabric Of A Family Together.

If You Can't Procreate Together, You Can't Be Married To Each Other. Its That Simple. Call It Hate, Intolerance, "Racist", Or Ignorant. I Don't Care. You Are Entitled To Your Opinions
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