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Originally Posted by Route55 View Post
Same thing. Born black, born gay, there is no choice.
I would have to disagree. One may be born black, but born gay, come on think about it. If you were born gay that means no way to reproduce the gay gene.
If being born gay is your thing then what about being born an angry person, they have tendencies to fits of rage. What about pedofelia? Born to molest children and alcoholic and the list goes on.
Say one was born knowing that he should have 3 wives and that is what he wants, he was born that way.
I was born a drunk so I need and want my jack daniels.
What about the really messed up ones that think they were born a woman but have the junk of a guy. Then they identify themselves as a woman but really they are a man.
Just because we are born with desires and tendencies to do things, do we always act out on them?
If they ever find a gay gene then they will also find a gene for all the other desires that we have.
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