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Originally Posted by barry1me View Post
so they cant be happy without being married? How have gays done it for the last 100 years? Have they all been unhappy? I dont think so, I think they just want to push for more acceptance. When I was in college I worked in Macys at Briarwood for a few years. I was so annoyed by how pushy the gay men were there. They have no boundaries, there agenda is to put it in your face (no pun) and they dont care if you like it or not.
This is the issue for me, yes I am a Christian, I do not approve of "gay marriage" but that is not my business. What I have a problem with is being forced to approve of "gay marriage" or be shouted down.
What you do in life is none of my business, but I do not have to condone what you do.
I had two good friends in high school that I found out many years later are gay. They are not associated with one another (live very differently on opposite sides of the country). One is radical the other is not. During the last reunion I hung with the non-radical friend and had nice conversation. The radical one was overtly flaunting it, making a statement. While polite to him I avoided getting into conversations the him.
I have no problem with them being gay, I just don't agree with that issue defining somebody and being forced to accept their belief or be considered "wrong".
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