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Originally Posted by Coyote Red View Post
This is what my view of the term marriage is. It is just this way for no other reason than my own.

This is a perfectly acceptable idea in my mind.

Not a bible thumper here, in fact I chose to associate with no religion. Why do I not want it called marriage; that is just the opinion I have formed. IDGAFF if you like guys or what ever else you would want to marry. Hit on me once I will tell you not my thing, keep hitting on me and I will knock you out for being annoying. I am getting feed up with the pushy "we are here and we are queer, now accept us damn it!" attempts to change opinions. Public opinion doesn't change in a matter of 5-10 years.

Am I closed minded because I have a different opinion? I think Prius driver are closed minded about my enjoyment of large diesel truck. It just an opinion having a different one doesn't make you closed minded, it is just what you think. Not being willing to listen to the other side makes you closed minded.
Are you gonna piss on my next Subaru because i'm un-American and a terrorist?
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