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Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
Thats the problem, you are very religious and so were the Pharises, Jesus crossed the road when he saw them.
You make the claim to be a Christian, but are you a follower of Christ?
By condoning thier sin you are as equally as guilty. Hate the sin, love the sinner.

You do not understand the separation of church and state. Why did the founding fathers print bibles?, why was the bible required reading in schools? You need to brush up on your history of the founding of this nation.
I am not condoning their sin, I do not support them being gay, I realize that they have made their choice and they will suffer at the end. But this has nothing to do what you, myself or God thinks about the nature of their relationship. It is about what LEGAL things are stopping them from being equal people in the eyes of the state. All men are created equal, not just straight men.

Originally Posted by concreteguy82 View Post
The US is overwhelmingly Christian just as Saudi Arabia is a mostly Muslim nation.. The Founders were Christian, they also included "The Creator" and "Natures God" in the founding documents. So, I would interpret that as "founded under God".... But you're right. They didn't exactly spell out which God...
I think that the US USED to be overwhelmingly Christian. A lot of people say they are christians but are they really? More and more people believe in God but not religion.
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